10 Best WPX Hosting Alternatives For WordPress Bloggers In 2022

If you are searching for WPX hosting alternative host then you have come look at the right place.

In this article, we hand-picked the top 10 WordPress hosts similar to WPX Hosting with all valid & working coupons that allow you to earn 60% to 90% off your hosting purchase. Also we have we have some special deals you should check including some other wpx.net coupons & promo codes.

WPX Hosting Alternative

WPX Hosting In 2022

WPX hosting is the #1 WordPress host in the market. it has secured the 1st position in the top web hosting for hosting WordPress blogs by independent bloggers and experts votes. WPX Hosting has got plenty of positive reviews about its hosting related services.

WPX Hosting Plans

The Trustpilot rating for WPX hosting is 9.8 out of 10, and the G2 crowd rating is 4.9 out of 5. It is the highest rating for web hosting, so it holds the top spot.

However, WPX hosting price is a bit expensive for beginners and small bloggers. And the biggest problem is that WPX hosting is not for a single website. they offer multiple domain hosting. that is why the price is more of hosting plans. And that’s why we have brought for you a special WPX Hosting Coupon that you can copy from this post to get some WPX Hosting discount in 2022!

People still can buy WPX hosting plans with the help of our special WPX Hosting deal & save up to 60% on their premium hosting plans. With that, the user will get a discount on any monthly hosting plan. So they can save some money in their pockets.

But the price is seen expensive by most of the newbies if they don’t find these deals. So for them, we find the best alternative for WPX hosting. all the services and qualities are almost the same. The only difference will be in the price of the hosting plans.

Before we go further, let’s have a look at the:

so, let’s get started with our list.

10 Best WPX Hosting Alternative Hosts In 2022

1. Cloudways

Cloudways is the top cloud hosting provider in 2022. Cloudways comes with tons of premium features but at affordable prices. so anyone can easily build their website using Cloudwasys.  Their hosting packages come with all the necessary components and services important to run a successful website.

Web hosting is the best cloud hosting for those who don’t want to step in the technical work of servers. Because Cloudways is a managed web hosting that comes with an administrator to manage all the services and settings of the server. They will continuously monitor the server for you. So you can work freely on other things.

Cloudways Features

  • CloudwaysCDN
  • Free site migration
  • Free SSL
  • Free email account
  • WordPress support
  • Fast server with SSD drives
  • Dedicated firewalls
  • 2-factor authentication

2. Bluehost

Bluehost is another best web hosting for hosting a professional website. it is officially recommended by wordpress.org. they have stated it as the best web hosting to run a WordPress website.

It is very affordable for small bloggers and best for professional blogs. The best hosting if you don’t want to spend much in the starting.

Bluehost Features

  • Free domain name
  • Free SSL
  • Free site migration
  • A free business email account
  • Official WordPress support

3. Hostgator

Hostgator is the very best web hosting that provides the best support service to their customers. they have made many loyal customers and have a high customer retaining rate. Most of their customer stays with them for a lifetime because of awesome services.

So anyone can completely rely on Hostgator web hosting as they are the best in serving their customers. they always keep their customers happy with services. Hostgator provides a fast hosting service at a very affordable price.

Hostgator Features

  • Free SSL(only in the business plan)
  • Free multiple business email accounts
  • Database
  • Latest PHP version
  • MySQL support

4. Siteground

SiteGround is the another best web hosting in the market. SiteGround has different types of hosting plans based on the services. Like for WordPress, WooCommerce, cloud hosting. so you have a wide range of choices to utilize the best service for better performance and results.

Siteground comes with a lot of features to help beginners get started with blogging. They have offers free SSL certificate, free site migration and many more.

Siteground Features

  • Free SSL certificate
  • Free site migration
  • Website builder
  • Ultra-fast servers
  • Top security

5. Godaddy

Godaddy is one of the best web hostings that is very affordable. Godaddy has hosted around 20 million domain names. So you can understand how much popular Godaddy is. Godaddy comes with different types of hosting plans. such as shared hosting, dedicated hosting, WordPress hosting and VPS hosting.

Godaddy Features

  • 1-click WordPress, Joomla, Drupal install
  • Very affordable for beginners
  • Powerful server
  • DDoS protection
  • 24/7 security monitoring
  • Drag and drop editor
  • 1-click restore

6. GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks is a perfect web hosting to start with. Because it provides all the necessary components within the hosting plan. 1 free domain name is offered for 1 year with the plan. GreenGeeks is the eco-friendly web hosting. they use carbon-free servers to reduce environmental pollution. And you can join them by using their web hosting.

GreenGeeks Features

  • SSD drives
  • Free domain name
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Free SSL
  • Easy WordPress installer

7. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is the best web hosting for WordPress websites. It is very easy to use and provides a lot of features. The hosting plan comes with SSD drives, CDN and free SSL certificate. So you can start the blog with a boost. 

A2 Hosting has a money-back guarantee offer. So anyone who is not satisfied with the service can get a refund.

A2 Hosting Features

  • Free CDN
  • Free SSL
  • SSD drives
  • Unlimited transfer
  • Automatic backups
  • Money-back guarantee

8. Hostinger

Hostinger is one of the cheapest web hostings. it deserver to be on the list because, at less price, they are providing good service. Hostinger is best for those who don’t have much money to spend at the start. So they can easily start with Hostinger.

It is only best for a small blog and not for professional blogs. Hostinger provides a free domain for 1 year with the hosting plan.

Hosting Features

  • Litespeed servers
  • Latest PHP support
  • WordPress support
  • SSD storage
  • Business email

9. InMotion Hosting

Inmotion hosting is another best web hosting to start with. Inmotion is very simple, so beginners with no technical knowledge can use it easily. They also offer a free domain name with the hosting plan.  The server is up all the time and provides SSD storage space for faster performance.

InMotion Hosting Features

  • Free domain name
  • Multiple websites
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited disk space
  •  Marketing tools

10. Just Host

Just Host is a good web hosting. they offer the best web hosting services of high quality at affordable prices. you can easily start with Just Host with a free domain name. so you can save some money on the hosting. 

Just Host has a 30 days money-back guarantee to benefit their customers. if they are not okay with the service then they can get their money back.

Just Host features

  • Free domain name
  • Free email address
  • Free website builder
  • Free marketing tool
  • 1-click WordPress install

I hope you found this post useful. Let me know if you have any ongoing WPX Hosting Promo Code so everyone can get to know about it in the comments below.

How to Start a Blog with FastComet Hosting?

Today blogging has a huge career option and they are making a good amount of money. They have completely chosen blogging as their primary career. So today in this article, I am going to teach you, how to start a blog with FastComet hosting.

Some may be aware of the FastComet Hosting but some may not. So let’s first start with the FastComet hosting and then we will move to the setup part. as it is the most important part of the process and the setup will take only a few minutes.

If you have not yet created FastComet hosting account, make sure to sign up now to get up to 70% fastcomet discount with the exclusive coupon code.

FastComet Discount


What is FastComet hosting and Why we should use it?

FastComet is a web hosting provider which enables bloggers to run their blog on their servers. It provides us storage space, CPU, processors just like our computer so that our website can run and become available to people from all over the world.

it is for those who are new to blogging and don’t have any idea about web hosting and domain name. so we are going to talk about FastComet web hosting and domain name in deep. So that beginners can have a deep understanding. Those who already know about all these stuff can also read it. Learning is never a waste of time, here you may learn something which you didn’t know.

What is a domain name?

A domain name is a digital address for our websites. It is just like our resident’s address. So the people can reach to the website with the help of a domain name. so it is unique for every website. For eg – Facebook.com is a domain name and there is no other facebook.com on the internet. It is the only one where we can access the Facebook website.

Just like that, you will have to register a domain name for your website from any domain registrar such as Godaddy, Namecheap, and many more.

Now you have completed the first step. You can understand it as you have registered your home address. but remember this is not your blog. Now you have to get a web hosting. you can understand web hosting as the plot where you will build your house. So you will need to buy a web hosting for your website to be built.

Now we will see the web hosting part.

What is web hosting?

As I explained above in this article that web hosting is just like the plot of our house. Where we build our house. So it is a space on the internet we have to buy so that we can run our blog on it.

The web hosting will keep our blog running for 24 hours so that everyone can access our blog and enjoy the content of it. Now, I have said earlier in this article that is the most important part of blogging.

It holds very much important because there are different types of web hosting providers. Some are good, some are bad and some are ok. So it becomes very important to choose the right web hosting for our blog to run perfectly.

Just assume, we are using cheap web hosting in which the processor, CPU, and storage are less. So when our website will start hitting more users. Then the hosting will not be able to handle the users and it will get crashed.

Now, if you are a new blogger then it is not such a big deal for you. But if you have a very popular blog or any website like Facebook. So when Facebook suddenly goes down and there are billions of people using Facebook every day. So they will feel annoyed and their revenue will go down. That is why web hosting is very much important and it should be chosen will complete analysis and testing.

Which web hosting is the best?

Now, if you will search for web hosting on the internet then you will get thousand of web hosting distinguishing from price, features, service. So you don’t have time to try all of these web hostings and pick the one which best suits your need.

That why we are here to save you from hours of searching and stress. We have used many web hosting from expensive to cheap. So we know which is the best for which type of blog and website.

We recommend FastComet hosting because we are using it too and we haven’t come across any kind of problems in our journey. The most interesting part is that it is not even expensive.

It is one of the most affordable hosting around the internet but being affordable doesn’t mean they lack power and services. They provide all the services you will require for your blog and they will help you out whenever you will get stuck at something. Let’s get a quick overview of it.

Start a Blog with FastComet

FastComet Hosting

FastComet Hosting is the most budget-friendly but most powerful web hosting for blogging and business website. They have different hosting plans for different website needs. So they don’t charge you for what you don’t need.

They take complete care of your website protection and speed. So there is a very rare case when your website will go down. So if you will face any problem with it then you can simply call them and they will take care of all that. They offer 24/7 support services.

So even if you will not feel like continuing the service then you can cancel the plan and get all the money back. They have 45 days money-back guarantee policy. So you don’t have to do any commit.

FastComet quick features

  • Free domain transfer
  • SSD cloud
  • Cloudflare CDN
  • Powerful admin panel
  • Daily backups
  • Unlimited bandwidth and storage
  • 24/7 support team
  • 45 days money-back guarantee

Now, we know a lot about it. Let’s jump back to the blog setup. It will hardly take minutes after you purchase a domain and FastComet hosting.

The next step is to log in to the FastComet Cpanel and there you will see Application installer or WordPress. So click on the WordPress then it will get installed on the hosting.

Now we have to log in to the WordPress admin and there you go. Your blog is now created and live for everyone to see it.

In the dashboard, go to themes there you will have the option to choose any theme you like for your blog. Simply activate any theme you like and refresh the blog. All the changes will be reflected in the blog instantly.

To post articles you need to go to the post section and there you will get a post editor. Just copy-paste the content and publish it on the blog.

Congratulations, you have successfully build a simple blog within a few minutes. Remember there is no limit to your creative thinking. You can customize your blog as you like. So play with the settings and explore.

Remember to build the blog using FastComet hosting for getting better services and results. There is no point in wasting your time on cheap hosting and end up getting nothing.

Cloudways Review 2020 – Exclusive Coupons

While Cloudways Review had some positive comments, others have many concerns about it. We are going to discuss how you can decide if Cloudways Review is for you or not.

There are three distinct reasons why people would use Cloudways. The first is that they offer free web hosting services. The second is that the host has other services. The third is the ability to create your own domain and do web design.

They claim they will never change their host because they believe in offering unlimited domains, unlimited email accounts, unlimited support, unlimited bandwidth, and more. Now they also want to change their host at any time they want and pay a one-time fee to do so.

One of the major concerns about Cloudways is that there is a lot of shoddy workmanship that you could potentially find on the web. You could be spending your money on a host that has hundreds of outdated domains.

Cloudways offers the option to hire them for free to get your domain name and hosting account for a few years by redeeming some hosting promo codes. However, if you are a busy person who does not have time to research their website and host, this may not be a good idea.

Cloudways Review & Coupons

You should only consider using Cloudways if you already have some knowledge of the web design and hosting. If you do not, you should also hire someone that does. This could cost you a bit more but if you do not want to spend your own money, this is probably the best option.

I know of one review that says they give out coupon codes to customers who register with them. While they claim that this is not a negative thing, I have my doubts.

If you want to receive coupon codes, you should make sure that you are not using your Cloudways account to log into sites that ask for credit card information. You will not get to use those free coupon codes after you give your credit card information to another site.

Another thing you should keep in mind when getting coupon codes is that they are only valid for an hour or two. There are also a lot of people complaining about the lack of customer service and the people that they send out a bunch of emails to.

Even though I am not into selling of products or services, I still feel that it is a very personal business and you should be able to go through your own way with regards to asking questions. This does not seem like the case.

If you are not comfortable with their claims, you should still investigate Cloudways. Just remember that you have to use your own common sense when choosing a hosting company.

You have to decide if they have a chance of being a successful business. While it is true that a lot of things are up in the air right now, Cloudways still offers you a chance to have web site hosting and email accounts for less than you could from many other companies.

2 Best Cloudways Coupon Codes For 2020

Cloudways Coupon Code is a Cloud Hosting Provider website. It sells its service to its customers.

The company is making money by providing the service it offers. If the user of its services purchases something from them, the money the user pays to the Cloudways Coupon Code, shall be a commission for the Cloudways Hosting Provider.

The service being offered here is that of hosting. This is one of the most popular forms of hosting services in the internet.

An individual or a business can use the services of a web host to make a website accessible to the World Wide Web. The web host can be at any location and therefore, web owners, who wish to have a website, can obtain one easily, even at a location far off from their homes.

However, before getting a web host, you need to know some basic information about it. You also need to know what features you need to have on your website.

In order to find out what features your web host has to offer, go to the Cloudways Coupon Code’s website. Here, you will find the lists of features of different Cloud Hosting Providers along with hosting promos.

The companies which are listed here include free web host, free domain names, free domain accounts, free emails, free and unlimited domains, web design and management, domain database, and free FTP access. You can also find some companies, which offer a lifetime guarantee of uptime, reliable connections, and technical support services.

These are just some of the many services which a Cloud Hosting Service is offering. You can get more information about the Cloud Hosting Company’s Website, if you look at the other pages of the website.

However, you can use the coupon code to receive the special deals. These coupons are valid for 30 days.

There are some precautions you need to take before using the coupon code. The coupon code is valid only for the one time use and can not be used for purchasing other things.

Before using the coupon code, you need to make sure that the website that you are going to visit is a trustworthy site. There are sites that offer freebies but, you should know that there are websites, which are meant to scam you.

When using the coupon code, you can browse the other products available on the Cloudways Coupon Code’s website. At this website, you can also find the free bonus offers, which are being offered by the different Cloud Hosting Providers.

Cloudways Affiliate Program – Earn $200 Per Referee

Cloudways Affiliate Program is a program that allows you to earn money by sharing affiliate links with others. You can place this affiliate program code on your website and then allow your visitors to click the link and will be directed to a merchant’s page where they will be provided with information about the service offered by the merchant and have the option to purchase the product. This program is targeted towards those who have not yet established their online presence, as the fees that are paid to the host provider are only a fraction of what is required to run a website. Therefore, this program is suitable for people who are just starting out.

There are several affiliate programs out there. Some are free and some require you to pay a registration fee. The program associated with Cloudways Affiliate Program is entirely free. In this article, we’ll take a look at how this program works and how you can benefit from it.

What is Web Hosting?

We get asked this question a lot and the answer is quite simple. A web hosting server is a facility that is used to provide you with an easy and quick access to the Internet. You can use the web hosting to upload content to your website and you can also use it to store it.

Web hosting comes in many forms. For example, you may get shared hosting if you have a small site with few customers or you may get dedicated hosting if you have a large site with many customers. However, before you purchase a web hosting account, you need to know the types of hosting you will require, their prices and their benefits.

Web hosting enables you to easily connect to the Internet. It also stores all the content related to your website so that you can easily retrieve it later on.

For most online marketers, web hosting is a very important part of their business. When it comes to finding a good web hosting company, it is better to look for one that offers unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk space. This way, you can upload as much as you need to your website. In addition, a good hosting company should also offer you a back up facility in case your website crashes.

There are two kinds of hosting: Shared and Dedicated. Shared hosting provides many users with the same amount of resources but it can only accommodate a small number of websites. On the other hand, a dedicated hosting service provides you with the extra space and bandwidth but not with more than one site.

In addition, there are a number of packages available in the market with different services. You may choose among Shared Hosting, Virtual Private Servers, Pay Per Action and Blogs. In order to provide you with the best hosting service, a good hosting company will offer you a hosting package with a variety of features.

Of course, if you decide to use these programs, make sure that you get a hosting plan that suits your needs. Cloudways Affiliate Program does not just offer hosting but offers a comprehensive service that can provide you with every form of hosting.

Cloudways Affiliate Program has its own and unique benefits. These are outlined below:

Cloudways Affiliate Program is entirely free of cost. You can start earning money immediately. Because of this, you can earn your initial investment back within a matter of days and you can continue with your business.

The Cloudways Affiliate Program is very user-friendly and you don’t need to have any technical knowledge to set up your affiliate account. All you need to do is make sure that you’re on the list of affiliated websites and you’ready to make some money.

Top 5 Best Cloudways Alternative Hosting Providers

Cloudways is the most used and loved web hosting for a blog. but there are always some flaws in everything. There might be people who have not liked Cloudways. So for them, we brought the top 5 best Cloudways alternative hosting providers and also Cloudways promo code.

Finding a perfect web hosting for the blog is very difficult and also time-consuming. To help you out we have handpicked the top alternatives of Cloudways. So it becomes very easy for you to decide.

Cloudways Alternative Hosting

Criteria For Best Web Hosting

To identify a perfect web hosting from the rest is pretty simple. Find out the things that are necessary for the best web hosting. server uptime and page load time and price are the three important criteria to sort the web hosting.

A web hosting that satisfies all the three criteria then it is considered to be the best web hosting among the list.

Server Uptime

the server uptime is the percentage of the server is online and available. It is one of the important things to check before buying web hosting. it is because, if the server provides low availability and the uptime percentage is low. That means the server is going down frequently and not online all the time.

It is very bad for business because how will users reach to your website if it is down.

Load Time

The load time is the amount of time the website is taking to load. It is the second most important criteria to check for better traffic growth and user experience.

If the website is taking more than 3 seconds to load then most of the traffic will get bounced. so always find the web hosting that provides fastest load time(approx 300ms to 1 second).


The third factor is the price of web hosting. it depends on the customer, for some the price can be affordable while for some it can be expensive. However, choose web hosting that provides value for money and is affordable for both types of customers. The low price doesn’t mean to compromise with the quality of the service.

Now, let us start with our top 5 best list of Cloudways alternative

Top 5 Best Cloudways Alternative Hosting Companies

1. WPX Hosting

WPX hosting is a very popular web hosting provider. It is similar to Cloudways hosting. WPX hosting comes with various plans and cloud hosting is one of the best. They offer to host multiple website or domain names in a single hosting plan.

For those who want to manage their blogs in a single hosting then WPX hosting is the best. As the servers are superfast that are supported by the CDN system. The stress of the traffic is managed by the CDN system and gives you the benefit of getting fast global users.

Check out what are the top 10 best WPX Hosting Alternatives.

WPX hosting offers a 30 days money-back guarantee. So if anyone doesn’t like the service then they can get a full refund within 30 days.

2. Bluehost

WordPress.org has officially said Bluehost as the best web hosting for WordPress website Bluehost is the best choice for WordPress because it provides all the required features for WordPress system.

A WordPress blog can be easily hosted without any performance issues. The Bluehost servers are powerful enough to manage all the traffic on the website without crashing. the other quality of Bluehost that it is very affordable for everyone.s

The uptime of Bluehost server is 99.99% in last month. and the load time is 406ms which is very good for retaining all your users. Bluehost is a very reliable web hosting so don’t worry about the services. Their support teams are available for all countries and support multiple languages.

So, if you are finding an affordable web hosting with good services then Bluehost is the best.

3. HostGator

Hostgator is the another best web hosting provider in the industry. They have gained the complete trust of their customer through good services. They have higher rates of retaining customers. one a customer always a customer.

Hostgator is owned by the same company who own Bluehost. So you can find similarities in the hosting and can have full trust in the services.

The load time of the Hostgator server in last was 99.98% and the load time was 432ms. It is a very good score for a web hosting and they have affordable hosting plans.

4. Siteground

When it comes to top hosting then Siteground will be definitely on the list. Sitegorund is one of the best web hosting for all type of websites. They offer a free CDN system to deliver content to the users fast.

The servers are fully capable of managing large traffic load and still provides good speed. That is why it is considered as the best web hosting in the market.

A free SSL certificate and site migration are offered with the hosting plan and with a lot of other features. So you will get a complete package of features to build a powerful website.

5. Godaddy

Today is one of the cheapest yet best web hosting provider. They have hosted around 20 million of website and sold domain names. They have been dominating the market for many years as the cheapest web hosting.

They offer different types of web hosting like shared hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS hosting and WordPress hosting. so you can choose what fits your need best.

Their servers have an uptime of 99.97% and load time of 517ms for last month. The score is very good compared to the price.

If you want to build a website at the lowest cost in the starting then go for GoDaddy. It is the best web hosting for small and medium level websites.

Final Thoughts

We have seen top 5 best web hosting that is similar to Cloudways hosting. so if you don’t want to try Cloudways then you can go for these web hosting. all the above web hosting are the best performing in the market. Unlike Cloudways they don’t have Cloudways promo codes to give a discount on hosting plans.