Cloudways is the most used and loved web hosting for a blog. but there are always some flaws in everything. There might be people who have not liked Cloudways. So for them, we brought the top 5 best Cloudways alternative hosting providers and also Cloudways promo code.

Finding a perfect web hosting for the blog is very difficult and also time-consuming. To help you out we have handpicked the top alternatives of Cloudways. So it becomes very easy for you to decide.

Cloudways Alternative Hosting

Criteria For Best Web Hosting

To identify a perfect web hosting from the rest is pretty simple. Find out the things that are necessary for the best web hosting. server uptime and page load time and price are the three important criteria to sort the web hosting.

A web hosting that satisfies all the three criteria then it is considered to be the best web hosting among the list.

Server Uptime

the server uptime is the percentage of the server is online and available. It is one of the important things to check before buying web hosting. it is because, if the server provides low availability and the uptime percentage is low. That means the server is going down frequently and not online all the time.

It is very bad for business because how will users reach to your website if it is down.

Load Time

The load time is the amount of time the website is taking to load. It is the second most important criteria to check for better traffic growth and user experience.

If the website is taking more than 3 seconds to load then most of the traffic will get bounced. so always find the web hosting that provides fastest load time(approx 300ms to 1 second).


The third factor is the price of web hosting. it depends on the customer, for some the price can be affordable while for some it can be expensive. However, choose web hosting that provides value for money and is affordable for both types of customers. The low price doesn’t mean to compromise with the quality of the service.

Now, let us start with our top 5 best list of Cloudways alternative

Top 5 Best Cloudways Alternative Hosting Companies

1. WPX Hosting

WPX hosting is a very popular web hosting provider. It is similar to Cloudways hosting. WPX hosting comes with various plans and cloud hosting is one of the best. They offer to host multiple website or domain names in a single hosting plan.

For those who want to manage their blogs in a single hosting then WPX hosting is the best. As the servers are superfast that are supported by the CDN system. The stress of the traffic is managed by the CDN system and gives you the benefit of getting fast global users.

Check out what are the top 10 best WPX Hosting Alternatives.

WPX hosting offers a 30 days money-back guarantee. So if anyone doesn’t like the service then they can get a full refund within 30 days.

2. Bluehost has officially said Bluehost as the best web hosting for WordPress website Bluehost is the best choice for WordPress because it provides all the required features for WordPress system.

A WordPress blog can be easily hosted without any performance issues. The Bluehost servers are powerful enough to manage all the traffic on the website without crashing. the other quality of Bluehost that it is very affordable for everyone.s

The uptime of Bluehost server is 99.99% in last month. and the load time is 406ms which is very good for retaining all your users. Bluehost is a very reliable web hosting so don’t worry about the services. Their support teams are available for all countries and support multiple languages.

So, if you are finding an affordable web hosting with good services then Bluehost is the best.

3. HostGator

Hostgator is the another best web hosting provider in the industry. They have gained the complete trust of their customer through good services. They have higher rates of retaining customers. one a customer always a customer.

Hostgator is owned by the same company who own Bluehost. So you can find similarities in the hosting and can have full trust in the services.

The load time of the Hostgator server in last was 99.98% and the load time was 432ms. It is a very good score for a web hosting and they have affordable hosting plans.

4. Siteground

When it comes to top hosting then Siteground will be definitely on the list. Sitegorund is one of the best web hosting for all type of websites. They offer a free CDN system to deliver content to the users fast.

The servers are fully capable of managing large traffic load and still provides good speed. That is why it is considered as the best web hosting in the market.

A free SSL certificate and site migration are offered with the hosting plan and with a lot of other features. So you will get a complete package of features to build a powerful website.

5. Godaddy

Today is one of the cheapest yet best web hosting provider. They have hosted around 20 million of website and sold domain names. They have been dominating the market for many years as the cheapest web hosting.

They offer different types of web hosting like shared hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS hosting and WordPress hosting. so you can choose what fits your need best.

Their servers have an uptime of 99.97% and load time of 517ms for last month. The score is very good compared to the price.

If you want to build a website at the lowest cost in the starting then go for GoDaddy. It is the best web hosting for small and medium level websites.

Final Thoughts

We have seen top 5 best web hosting that is similar to Cloudways hosting. so if you don’t want to try Cloudways then you can go for these web hosting. all the above web hosting are the best performing in the market. Unlike Cloudways they don’t have Cloudways promo codes to give a discount on hosting plans.

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